What is your favorite thing about spring?

There are many things to love in the world of Spring: blue skies, the sunshine, the blossoms of flowers and plants. But there is one thing I truly love about this season. It is the smell. The smell of fresh, clean air; the smell of dirt and leaves, the smell of rain. I love the way the air smells after a storm. It smells so fresh and alive. I love being outside in Spring. I love planting flowers and vegetables, and then sitting with them. I am so lucky that I live in the warm weather of California, where I can be outside year round.

Favorite spring flowers

I love the colors and different flowers that spring unites. As soon as the trees start to break out of their dead brown leaf cover, there are buckets of tulips, crocuses, and daffodils at every store. And if you're lucky, a few wildflowers sneaking in. I plant a garden every year, and the early months are filled with digging, planting, and hoping for a late frost. With the last frost of spring gently lingering, I take the time to get fresh flowers to spruce up my house.

May is the best month for outdoor activities

This may sound counterintuitive but May has been found to be the best time for outdoor activities in Colorado. The reason for this is due to the elevation and that the lack of snow decreases the risk of avalanches. The lack of snow is also conducive to snowmobiling and skiing down the slopes. In addition, May is a great time around Colorado because the whole region will still have a green tinge to the grass. This is due to the snow melting but not yet enough for green grass to grow.